Saturday, July 2, 2016

Redux again?

Yeah, I think so.

This blog has a long history.

I've been public as "OBX Republic", anonymous as "Pancho Villa" then back again as Russ's Outer Bank Blog. When Rob Morris and I started the Voice five years ago, I retired the blog.

 In 2014 I brought it back briefly so I could write about subject matter that wasn't Voice relevant--especially national politics and the like. But I soon discovered that the Voice and a full time teaching job nine months a year at College of the Albemarle left little time for writing this blog.

I also have another blog, Gin Gents, I share with Jim Trotman and Harold Gracey, leaving even less time.

But I still have things I want to say that aren't "Voice worthy." Nor are the Facebook post-worthy, but they might aspire to the classification of Facebook "link-worthy."

Some of the things I want to write about are political on a national level. Some will be corrections to stuff that seems to circulate around the local internet, especially on sites like TOPIX, that concern me personally that I prefer to address in a forum other than Facebook.

Other stories may just be for fun.

Many (about six!) people keep at me to revive this blog. But blogs seem to be on the decline and these days, Facebook is where the action is. "Hidden Outer Banks" (good), the new OBX Report (good ++), the Curritucker News (I don't like it, but 8600 people do!) seem to be the way to go.

Thus, no guarantees that I will post regularly or even irregularly.

But I'm going to try harder this time around than I did in 2014. Dedicated to Dix Allen who is the one person who misses this blog the most...