Friday, November 26, 2010

Another Change

As most of you know, my efforts have been heavily concentrated towards the Outer Banks Voice, a 50-50 venture between Rob Morris and myself. The Voice is growing by leaps and bounds and has started to garner some commercial advertising success.

Even though The Voice is an e-paper with unlimited "space", we do have limitations on sections, article length and content as the site can't be so large as to make browsing a chore. We want The Voice to be comprehensive, like any print newspaper, but not unwieldy.

This means that from time to time, articles, pictures and other information get "cut" from the Voice, even stuff I write. And some activities, such as charitable events, need more exposure more often than what we can provide on The Voice.

So consider this "The Voice" backup, especially for things of interest to me. We'll link stories to the Voice Facebook page, and if it catches on here, it might find it's way back to the Voice which I suspect will enjoy a much wider readership.

So stay tuned as my blog morphs once again!