Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gore-Al Warming

While claiming to advocate severe measures to reduce global warming, it appears Al Gore has been contradicting himself on a regular basis. The red spots represent areas where Al, through his sexual escapades, has been heating up the planet on a regular basis. Oregon is home to his "masseuse" , which is what I think they call those kind of girls now. LA is home to his alleged girlfriend and movie co-producer, Laurie David, who has denied the allegations.

The blue-red spots in Tennessee are not the results of Gore's use of carbon offsets, at least not in the typical sense. The red represents the carbon footprint of Gore's 10,000 square foot "house", while the blue represents a blast of cold coming from the master bedroom shortly after details of Gore's other activities surfaced.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Skeeter's Redux

My third "Asian" night at Skeeter's on Colington Road. This has to be the among the best kept OBX secrets among locals and the few tourists who have discovered this restaurant.

So tonight I sent in two orders of fried pork wontons. Scarfed them right down.

A third appetizer was described merely as "Asian scallops". I have no idea what the spices were, or the white sauce drizzled on each. I could tell they were pan seared, and perfectly executed. And the combination of spices and drizzle made them fall easily into the the Top 5 scallop dishes I have ever had the pleasure to consume.

I am serious folks..you need to visit, adopt, and support this restaurant. I've heard the same praises from those who prefer Wednesday Taco's or Friday Prime Rib. Give these guys the props they dserve!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Text Driving

My wife found this on one of her Facebook friends newsfeeds, and it was too good to pass up...Not sure the church of origin

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plover Closures Extended to All of Hatteras

It was a sad sight to see as the last of Cape Hatteras' National Park Service personnel were carried out by truck as a Federal judge expanded the closure areas around piping plover nests. Under a bizarre clause in the judge's order regulating human and vehicular traffic on the island during nesting season, any act of vandalism committed against an enclosed wildlife area is met with ever-expanding restricted corridors, unless the culprits are apprehended. Thus far, numerous acts of vandalism have occurred with no arrests. Environmentalists accuse radicalized ORV drivers, while ORV drivers accuse environmentalists of committing the crimes in order to expand the restricted areas and create a negative opinion of ORV advocates.

As one can see from the map, the corridor has now expanded to such an extent that not only has the entire Cape Hatteras park at "the Point" been placed off limits to visitors and employees alike, the ban has now been extended over the entire island, Ocracoke Island and a sizable portion of the ocean and sound.

As this DOT picture demonstrates, the exodus of Hatteras residents, moving northward into Currituck created a rare Wednesday morning backup on the Wright Memorial Bridge.

Mayor Bob Oakes, noting the ban already borders Nags Head along the Oregon Inlet portion of the park, advised south Nags Head's residents and visitors to be ready to vacate the area if one more act of vandalism is recorded.

The question still remains--exactly who is responsible for all this vandalism? After many nights of reconnaissance, the OBJ staff uncovered this photo of the culprit, just before he and other accomplices pulled up a fence and destroyed signs.

For those who doubt the plover's ability to conduct such activity, it should be noted that the NPS has secreted videos of local piping plovers in the company of the following avian allies...a cunning group of birds known to be able to pull off the most incredible stunts through the use of MacGyver-like tactics and the copious use of hurling.

One plover we interviewed stated they weren't so much interested in ridding the region of humans for mating success as they were in flipping the newly acquired territory to other species. While refusing to confirm or deny, a group of Oyster Catchers and Terns soon-to-be evicted from Audubon land in Virginia are rumored to among the potential buyers for the valuable oceanfront real estate.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Amazon-Saving the Environment

I love the Russian "nesting dolls". An interesting concept of a very old school artisan craft, now long gone, (like old Swiss watch mechanism's or real German nutcrackers).

But Amazon takes the nesting "cake". The bottom box contained those air filled plastic shipping bladders, which were securing the smaller box. The smaller box contained yet more air bladder cushions which in turn held the very small camcorder battery on the inside.

A company named after a river that flows through some of the most ecologically important habitat on the planet should think a tad more about the waste in their shipping.

Sunday--Barnes Street

I bought a new DSLR in the spring for use in the Voice. I've been playing with the telephoto lenses and other add-ons just to get used to them. The waves last Sunday at Barnes Street in Nags Head were far-from-gnarly; in fact, mostly non-existent. I'd guess about 1-2 feet about the time I got there (around 5:30 PM). Even folks on those sponge-board "starter" surfboards had a difficult time getting a ride. But, once in a while, even a small wave had a long enough break to catch a reasonably long, if not life-threatening ride. [Click on image to get a larger image]

Skim boarders were giving it their best, but the small waves led to even smaller shore break. The new breed of skimmers (as opposed to my age group, some thirty years ago) likes to skim the shore then turn into the shore break. If the break is large enough, they can pull a U-turn and "surf" the skim back to shore on the break..or, if the shore break is really large and the water deeper, they will ride into the break, launch from the board and perform aerial somersaults and other acrobatics in the one foot deep water. Today, just skimming and a slow, boring fade away...but the water droplets on the pix are pretty cool!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pig Pickin'--Nags Head Surf Fishing Club

I've been out of town a lot lately, so the blog has really taken a back seat to The Voice. But last month, I did to get attend the annual Nags Head Surf Fishing Club meeting, which is always held at the Old Nags Head Cove clubhouse on the sound.

Ironically, the gatherig--part awards ceremony for the Member-Guest tournament held that day, part meeting, and mostly eating--does not feature fish on the dinner menu. Instead, for the past several years, Jimmy Jackson--a club member and resident of both Dare and Pasquotank counties has generously donated his time to slow-cook a whole pig over the course of the morning and most of the afternoon. For those who have never seen what this looks like, here are some pix, as well as the gorgeous view from the neighborhood's club house.