Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oops...Def Leppard in Good Shape Afterall

After watching one of the guitarists, Phil Collen prance around all night with his 6 pack abs....a situation that led my wife to apoplexy, I must reconsider yesterday's preview of Dep Leppard.

Actually, DL did a great job, performing almost all of their hits and few songs from the deeper cuts. The showmanship and guitar playing were excellent, and the vocals showed little sign of deterioration over the years.

Poison came across as an entirely different band for the days of old; the instrumentation and vocals were still there, as was a rambunctious floor show. However, the bad has mellowed considerably; constantly thanking the audience for 22 years of support and dedicating several songs to the military audience that "protects our freedoms". Poison has toured for the troops in Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cheap Trick was the first act; but was allotted little more than 40 minutes. Rick Neilson still looked chubby in his Elroy hat and suit, and Robin Zander belted out all of the hits. The band has a new album out, and is planning some kind of Beatles retrospective for the future.

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