Thursday, July 16, 2009

Continuing Education

I've received some emails and personal comments with the same general questions--where is the humor and where is your blog?

As I mentioned before, one of my goals is to teach at the community college level, at least part time. I have an M.A. in International Studies, which allows me to teach Political Science in NC and VA at the community college level. Once you obtain a Master's in any area, another 18 hours at the graduate level entitles you to teach that subject also. My M.A. program was interdisciplinary, so I had six hours in Economics already. Over the summer, I decided to add six more. This involved two classes on topical economic issues; the first four weeks on taxation and foreign aid, and the second four weeks on risk management.

Eight books, ten weeks. Each week, one 10-13 page response to 20-30 questions posed by the professor. And two small papers, 4-6 pages.

As a result, its been a weird summer. I've also taken enough classes to obtain a mortgage brokers license in two states, and I have begun to collaborate with a local group in that endeavor. I have yet to even touch the beach, much less spend a day there. I still need to read an entire American Government textbook, create a syllabus, write teaching notes, and come up with tests and assignments for the class I am teaching in the fall.

All of this has been fun, a blast in fact. Way better than anything I ever did as a banker. But, it has left little time for the blog, and even less time for humor. I plan to get my funny bone back soon, but in the interim, enjoy the summer, and I'll blog when I can. I appreciate everyone who reads, subscribes and writes me about this blog. I promise it will return to form soon.


Kathy said...

My LEAST part of teaching was writing tests. I hated that. However, I LOVED researching the information to write course materials, lectures, handouts, etc. It's what I live for.

Good luck with our course prep. Let me know if I can help in syllabus creation. I know what the community colleges want in them.

Russ said...

I will take you up on that. And you need to meet my friends Brian and Fay; Brian teaches history full time at COA and Fay is an artist.